I had some questions in comments on my peg placement, so here’s a snapshot of the model with the pegs in.  When it printed, they snapped off easily and the head turned out pretty well considering how small I printed it!

I didn’t try supports for the belly and tail, and the underside of both came out a little scraggly as a result, but at this scale (less than 8cm long) those details ended up being less important than keeping the head from falling over during printing.

On more complex models I’ve found you can get away with surprisingly little support, but the cost of going too far with this can be anything from a ponytail that twists off before it reaches the connection point up top to total build failure.  Like with all home 3D printing, you get a “sense” for what will work and what won’t over time…

Continued here: Follow-Up on Support Pegs!



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